Friday, November 30, 2007

Parent Rule of the Day

At the park:

"No climbing on other people's heads."

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Whenever We Sneak a Snack...

Whenever we grownups sneak a snack before tucking Bubba in for the night, he says, "What I do smell?" [Cute word order.]

That's a good nose.

Get the Camera Dada!

I attacked Mom. Real. Good.

Princess Sissy

Lovin' me my first book.

Parent Rule of the Day

"Don't stick cereal in your ear."

Kid Hero Gets Splinter

Golf: Bubba Style

Hi folks. I made up a new game the other day. Here's what you need to get started:
1. One pair of puffy soccer ball slippers
2. One five iron from Dad's set of clubs
3. One soccer ball
4. Two strong arms
5. An unmatched competitive warrior attitude - like that of a 3 year old
6. One dog to referee

Mo' Pins.

Here I am performing a native ritual in the family backyard. I call it, "Mo' Pins, Mama."

Harmonica Safety

Here's Bubba during one of his recent Traveling Minstrel of Harmonica Safety gigs. In the background you can see one of his groupies.

Overheard in the Kitchen

After being served some pumpkin pie, Bubba says, "Mama, gimme some whip!"

Overheard at the Library

After getting into the car to go home...

Mama: Are we ready to go? Okey dokey, Smokey!


Bubba: Okey dokey, Smoke-mama!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trip to WA October 2007

Hi folks. My Sister and I just returned from Vancouver, WA visiting friends and family. The photos speak for themselves.
Bubba waiting to get on the plane.

Sissy with our friend Katrina.

Bubbs with Mom, Adena & Katrina.

Bubba and Sissy with cousins Mikki & Zander.

Sissy hangin' out at Cannon Beach with Mom.

Bubba twisting off Uncle Big Foot's nose while, Shannon just smiles.

Bubba and Dad making faces at Mom.

Sissy lookin' cute.