Monday, March 27, 2006


Blueberries? What blueberries? I haven't seen any blueberries!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Who is THAT chick? A recent scene.

Everybody is looking at me. I know they want me to show off my talents.

"EJ, where's your Dada?"

I point at Dada.

"EJ, where's Briggie?" (NW Grandma)

I point at Briggie.

"EJ, where's G-Pa?" (NW Grandpa)

I point at G-Pa.

"EJ, where's Liebe?" (Our doggie)

I point at Liebe.

"EJ, where's your Mama?"

I look around. Who in the WORLD are they talking about? I have no clue! There's Dada, there's Briggie, there's G-Pa, there's Liebe, and there's that one chick who changes my diaper, feeds me, plays with me all day, puts me down for naps, changes my diaper again, feeds me some more, reads me stories, hugs me and kisses me and gives me baths. But who in the world is this 'Mama' person they keep talking about?

Stuck in a Box

Now that I can pretty much walk, I've been getting into some interesting fixes! Here I am after I tried climbing over this box; I got my foot stuck in the top. I thought it was first.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Ready for Take Off!

This is back in the day when I used to have to hold on to someone every time I need to walk. But no more! Mommy says I'm officially walking today... although I still prefer my speed-crawl! Today I walked almost all the way from the car into story time at the library! (But I must admit, I was holding Mommy's finger.)

NW G-parents visit!

Hey folks-
I've been busy hanging out with my NW G-parents. They are fun. Just take a look see at all the fun stuff I got to do...

I went hiking with Mama, G-pa and Briggie. It was fun. Mama got tired, so I let her carry me up the hill.

Later, I got to wrassle this antelope! Don't worry, no antelopes were hurt in the filming of this event.

Here I am reading G-pa one of my favorite stories, Good Night Moon. I don't think he'd ever read it before. He was impressed at how I can turn the pages all by myself.

All in a day's work. Here I am testing out the new shelves we built in the laundry-room-with-the-sweet-new-retro-stripe. Unfortunately, Mama wouldn't let me stay up here for very long! I think I make a pretty good shelf tester though!

We took a very windy walk...and this is me with everyone (except Dada who was at work earning some bacon).