Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Super Kid

Super Kid Special Equipment:
1 pair Fruit of the Loom® (normal mode)
1 second pair Fruit of the Loom® (modified skull cap)
1 Safety Goggles

Super Kid Actions:
Run wildly about the house, jump off furniture, laugh, scream.

How does this thing go again?

Bubba helping Dad change the inner-tube on his bicycle.

Friend comes to visit

Here's Sissy hamming it up with Mom and Melanie.

Overheard in the Car

Sucking noises from the back of the car.

Mama: Bubba, do you have Sissy's BOTTLE?!
Bubba: Yes.
Mama: Are you sucking on it?
Bubba: No.
Mama: What ARE you doing?
Bubba: I'm cleaning it!
Mama: You're cleaning it? With what?


Bubba: With my tongue.

Oldest Kidlet - He's pretty funny.

Yesterday morning I woke up lying on my side. My oldest kidlet was nose to nose with me and had a big smile on his face. He says, "Mama? Will you dress up as a clown today?"

So cute.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Working Pretty Good

Yesterday Bubba wanted to know why Grandpa [Brian's step-grandpa] had died.

Bubba: Mom, why did Grandpa die?
Mama: Well, when you get old sometimes your body just stops working very well and then you die.
Bubba: But I'M not old.


Bubba: And my body is workin' pretty good!

Nap Time

Bubba got out of bed and came out of his room during nap time.

Mama: Bubba go back to bed!
Bubba: But MAAAAWWWM...when I go to bed it makes me want to get up!

Serious Slide

Last Tuesday we were getting ready to go to a MOPS park day.

Mama: Bubba, go get some shoes, we're going to the park today!
Bubba: Which park is it?
Mama: It's the one we went to before with MOPS. You'll recognize it when you see it.
Bubba: They have a slide there that goes up?
Mama: It goes up?
Bubba: Yah, you sit on it and then it goes up.
Mama: Wow, that's serious!


Bubba: Yah, it IS serious, baby.