Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Some New Vocabelly

bunge = sponge
puffy cwacker = rice cracker
NEW-does = noodles
sauce = ketchup, salsa, or BBQ sauce
elbavator = elevator
goil = girl
almo budder = almond butter
mussins = muffins

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm Two!

Ladies & Gentlemen, maybe you've heard the news: I'M TWO YEARS OLD NOW! Lookout, this show is gettin' more and more fun by the minute.

Saturday morning I awoke to something totally new. Streamers hanging in the bedroom doorway. Mom and Dad put them up while I was sleeping. They're so much fun to run through!

Saturday afternoon my whole family came over for the celebration - it was a blast. Mom made me a Pumpkin Pie (I ate the biggest piece ever of all time!). I got lots of presents including a Tennis Racket from Grandpa, a wooden tool set from the folks, and a Tiger Flashlight. I love to yell "Get it! Get it! and Bark! Bark!" and watch my Liebe Dog chase the light around the room - barking and jumping. Maybe Dad will post a video.

Here's some picts for your perusal. Ciao!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Punkin Pie, Happy Birfday, Trains & Applesauce

Well the holidays are over, but the great memories live on. A few things that made an impression on me are as follows:

1. Punkin Pie (I ask for some at least 3 times a day, sometimes even for a midnight snack when i should be sleeping, but nobody seems to have any.)
2. Trains, Trains, Trains (Thomas & Friends are the best!)
3. Ice Fickles
4. Uncle Joe (My buddy - he picked us up at the airport in Portland)
5. Zanzone! My cousin.
6. Auntie Stephanie - she's fun to make forts with out of G-Ma Briggie's couch pillows.
7. Curious George stuffed animal. Cute when he laughs, but not so much when he shakes - wigs me out.
8. The 18 inches of snow when we returned to Albuquerque. I still have a snow ball in the freezer.
9. Uncle David and applesauce. You fed me applesauce, I'll never forget you!
10. Special spoon that Aunt Susie made for me in the dishwasher (shrink to fit I guess).
11. Mommy & Daddy went on at least three dates when we were in Washington, I had fun with G-Ma Briggie, but I'm glad Mommy & Daddy always come home.
12. Almost forgot - Flying the Boeing 737's to and from PDX & ABQ. I'm getting pretty good and landing those suckers without making the other pilots sick.
13. New pillows, made by Grandma Debbie.
14. Wrasling with my cousin Ben.
15. Removing the ornaments from the tree. I'm so intrigued by them.
16. Lights! Lights! Christmas lights on all the houses.
17. And last, but not least: Happy Birfday Baby Jesus! My favorite song of the season.