Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Other Side

I figured since I'd shown you a crazy shot of one side of my family (Dad's Side), I might as well 'confess all' and show you the other side (Mom's Side) as well! Here is the other side of my family... Looking at these two pictures... I realize that the common denominator is my Parental Unit. Hmm...teensy bit SCARY!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Turkey Day

There I was minding my own business taking a LONG nap and I woke up to find THESE PEOPLE eating a huge amount of food around my dining room table. I had wondered why Mommy was making it all fancy a few days ago. You can see what I had to go through today. I'm in the left hand bottom corner...the only normal one in the bunch!

Daddy says that I should be thankful for such a zany bunch of relatives. They keep life interesting, he says. I have to admit, it was pretty fun playing with my cousins and eating Mashed Up Baby Thanksgiving Food Medley which Mommy made me.

I'm thankful for clean cloth diapers, rice cereal, and my crazy parents.

Book Worm

I've discovered a new pastime! Reading? NO! Pulling books off of Mommy's shelf. I can't read, YET, but this one looks interesting...Stupid Things Men Do to Mess Up Their Lives by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Hmm. Not sure I'm ready for this!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hiking is Sweeteous.

Me and Mommy and Furry Sister Liebe went hiking on Tuesday. Sweeteous. Hiking has perks. I get to RIDE. I get to drink out of Mommy's waterbottle. I get to yank on her ponytail! It's awesome. Plus, I get to be outside.

Hiking must be harder than it looks, though. Mommy was breathing kind of hard and I heard her muttering something like "stinkin' heavy" under her breath several times. Hmm. Maybe she meant me?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More Pix from my Trips

Hey Folks-
Now that I am home and have more time in between my naps to blog, I thought I'd post a few more pictures from my recent trip.

Here I am hamming it up in my hat. I got this hat from my cousin Zander.

Here I am with my Great Aunt Susie and my Great Uncle David at a really cool wedding. It was my First Cousin Once Removed's (Matt's) wedding. Almost the whole clan was there!

Here I am learning to bake goodies with my Great Aunt Gail in PA.

At my Great Uncle Don's. In this picture I'm thinking, "I don't know what this green stuff is. We don't have this stuff where I live!"

I'm hanging out with my Great Grandma Wolfe. Mommy says that Great Grandma Wolfe makes great coffee and has a green thumb. But her thumb doesn't LOOK green.

This is my cool Uncle Joe. He is very tall. Let me see...he is 285% taller than me. His feet are bigger, too. In fact, I think even his feet are longer than me!

This is one of my newer tricks. I learned this on our trip, but it's super easy for me now. I like to call it One Handed Wall Pushups.

For those of you who have missed my regular blogs, please call out a 'Whoot Whoot' with me. I'm back in the blogggin' saddle again! Mom says I can only blog once a day, though.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Nine Months

Hey Folks-
Life has been busy since we got home. I went on my 9 month check up! I got the second Hepatitis B vaccine and also a flu shot. Mommy was surprised when I didn't cry at ALL!

Here are my measurements for those of your tracking my growth & progress:

Weight: 20 pounds 7 ounces. (50th percentile) That weight is WITH my diaper on, but I can't remember if it was dry or not.

Height: 27 and 1/2 inches.
(25th percentile)
This 'short for my age' thing would explain my slightly chunky appearance.

And Head Circumference... 46 cm!
I like to tell people that's in the 75th percentile. Which means I have a big head, just like Mommy.