Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bubby's Vocabubbly

Here's the "Bubby Vocabubbly" floating about these days:

Boogies = Boogers/Congestion/Baby Snot
Piggies = Toes
Feets or Feetsies = Feet
Toof/Toofies = Tooth/Teeth
Fangs of Sharpness = See above
Nuk-a-Nuk = Pacifier
Bubby or Bubba = Baby Nicknames
Nappy = Diaper OR Nap Time (weird, huh?)
Hickle Pups = Hiccups
Sneezles = Sneezes
Lovies = Hugs, Kisses and Snuggles
Stuffy Buffy = Stuffed Nose
Daddy DooDoo Duty = Brian's turn to change a diaper
(This is considered a privilege, not a duty!)


Anonymous said...

the cutest little bubby I know

Adena said...

Are you working on a "danidoodle" dictionary? I would buy it and incorporate these words into every day use. I bet I could get away with saying to a co-worker "Do you have a sneezle?"

Anonymous said...

not to be mistaken with Wesley's words...
"foofies" = feet, which has a song to accompany it "f-double-o-f-i-e-f, that's what we call foo-fies"
"paddies" = hands
"dipes" = diapers
"dipey boy" = only wearing a dipe
"pee-bucket" = soaked diaper
"nur-nurs" = nursing
but lately Wesley has the same nicknames as EJ! Bubba, which has somehow turned into Bubby!!!!!!