Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Big "C"

Hey folks-
I'm kind of under the weather. Mommy says that I have the big "C". I heard her talking to Dada about it. I think it's called constipulation or something like that. Every time Mommy or Dada changes my diapie, they look a little worried! Mommy tries to keep up a brave front. She says things like, "You have slow little Turdles in your Tum-Tum, Bubby, and they won't come out!" I wonder if I should be worried about that?!


littlebit said...

Ewww, are the Turdles really in your Tum-Tum? I thought they just showed up in your diapie. I gotta talk to mom and dad about this.

amy medlock said...

I have slow Turdles, too -- I sympathize. Zelnorm is a magic pill...but you're just a bubby. Until then, I hope fruit juice is up to the job:)

Danidoodle said...

Dear Amy-
I've been eating mashed up prunies! Since then, I think they've done what Mommy calls "The Trick". Whatever that means!

Brian Byers a.ka. "Dada" said...

Hey Bubba EJ,
I think the prunes did do the trick. Good Joerb buddy! Daddy is proud of you. I loved it when Mom called me at work and told me about the faces you were making yesterday, turning all red and such. And then the big "YEOW" that you let out when taking a nap. And then there they were two "golden" nuggets. It was such a great event one would've thought you actually layed some golden eggs.

Anyway - currently you are getting put back into bed after a 45 min crying, fussy, then eating hiatus. Looks like the ole toofies are coming in on top. You can do it!
Love Dada