Thursday, October 20, 2005

Still Packin'

Hey folks! I'm in central PA on this stage of our road trip and I thought you'd like to see what it looks like when I pack my suitcase! Mommy said I could take as much on this trip as I could personally carry. My suitcase weighed 40.5 pounds...they almost didn't let me take it on the plane. Boston was fun, but PA is funnerest! Everyone here loves me. I have so many kinfolk I can't keep 'em all straight! Mommy said that I have a lot of coufsuns and secund coufsuns and great ants and great uncowls. I'm not sure what all those are, but if they have anything to do with all these people who like to hold, bounce, snuggle and smile at me, then it must be good. I even met two sets of great grandpaps and great grandmas! Great Grandpap Byers said that I was "mighty strong" and Great Grandpap Wolfe said that I was "some boy"! In this picture, it looks like he's trying to give Mommy some stern child-rearing advice, but he's really just trying to get me to look at the camera!

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