Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Am I'm confuseded?

Apparently I'm experimenting with my Vocabelly. This morning Mommy asked me if I wanted some blueberries. I signed "yes" with a big smile and then pointed at the refrigerator said, "Bah....dun-dun!" I think I like this better than yesterday's version of 'blueberry'.

While Mommy was getting me some blueberries, I read on the bag that bah...dun-duns are loaded with antioxidants! This makes me especially happy, as I don't like free-radicals floating around in my little system, if I can help it.

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David said...


That's cool that you like blueberries--my daughter likes them, too, although she's become more difficult at on free radicals! We want to pay for our radicals!