Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Wishlists

These lists are slightly influenced by the need for parental sanity and hopeful ability to continue navigating the mounds of toys we ALREADY have...

-Baby Signing Time DVD 1
-Baby Signing Time DVD 2
-Little People Deluxe Christmas Story Playset

-college fund contributions
-these sweet shoes, size medium (6-12 months)

-a belt, size 3T
-art easel with chalkboard and dry erase board, something like THIS.
-bath crayons
-big roll of butcher or art paper
-a piggy bank
-a tool set with REAL tools, only kid sized
-college fund contributions

1 comment:

Briggie said...

The Emereez will spring for the College Fund.


PS: Great idea to make a wishlist, this way Sissi and Bubby dont end up with stuff they do not need.

Dani, we do have the easel here from Martina, should I pack that up and send it???