Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Wishlists

It really is NOT necessary to buy the kiddos any gifts for Christmas. We want to teach them to love Christmas for the traditions, Advent, the story of Jesus, and special time with family.

BUT, some of you have been asking, and a FEW little tangible gifties never really hurt anyone, right? Please keep in mind that toys/books can be 'new to them' and enjoyed just as much as if they were actually 'new'.

Bubba: (I have plenty of Matchbox Cars.)

White Socks (I wear size 10 shoes)
A footy sleeper (I wear size 4 or 5) (RCVD)
STAR WARS LEGOS! (The little sets)
The Boy Who Loved to Draw: Benjamin West (Used copy is just fine!)
Binoca-lurs [Binoculars] (G.Pa...were you going to give me some?)(RCVD)
Tool Belt (I don't know it yet but I'm getting a real toolset from Mommy and Daddy.)
A pinata (This isn't Mama approved, but it's what he said!)
Addition Songs CD by Kathy Troxel

Sissy: (I have plenty of stuffed aminals.)

SIGG Kids' Water Bottle (REI, Vitamin Cottage, Amazon) - "Please buy me a girly one!"
Board books (RCVD)
Signing Time DVDs (I already have Baby Signing Time #1)
Dress up clothes (RCVD)
A soft squishy baby doll. (RCVD)
A coat. (RCVD)

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