Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boogers & Battle Wounds

Well, it wasn't quite a booger. Sissy had just finished lunch and still sitting in her chair when she started mining for gold.

Sissy: "Get it, get it."

Dad: "Hey stop picking your nose."

She keeps going... hmmm Dad suspects something is in there.

Dad: "Bubba can you get your Sissy a tissue?" Bubba hands her a tissue, Dad gets her to blow real hard and out came...

...A RAISIN, sort of half chewed. She didn't have any raisins with lunch, but she did with breakfast. Not sure when she did that.

Minutes later Sissy attacks Bubba in the office with her teeth. Now Bubba has a battle wound on his side (little blood and little bruise), thanks to his little Sister who was trying to kick him off the chair in front of the computer. sigh...


Anonymous said...

What do you have up your nostril,
what do you have up your nostril??

Dani, remember that song you and Joe used to sing???

Computer Battle:
wow, kids start on the computer very early these days!!!
She is a real fighter and gogetter.
When she wants something she is willing to go into BATTLE for it.
Wonder if her mother coming from Battle Ground has anything to do with it???


Danidoodle said...

Actually, the words were:
What do you see up my nostril?
What do you see up my nostril?
Is it red or is it green?
Is it slimy or is it clean?
What do you see up my nostril?