Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas Wish Lists

BUBBA: (From his Christmas List)
-Remote Control Car (or helicopter)
-Lava Lamp (*RCVD)

Other ideas for Bubba:
-To go Bowling
-Rubber boots, size 12 (Target) (Used is fine)
-LEGO sets (Star Wars)
-Models to put together
-Masking tape - he loves the stuff
-Dominoes set (of course, used is great!)
-NERF darts (refill set)

-A kid sized real baking/cooking set and/or dishes & utensils
Baking Set (Montessori)
Baking Set (IKEA) (But this doesn't have a mixing bowl) (*RCVD)
Small Wooden Bowls (Montessori)
Kid sized mixing bowls

-A kid sized tea set (MUST BE FOOD SAFE) like:
Tea Set (IKEA) (*RCVD) (but doesn't have teapot)

-Kid sized gardening tools like these or these (Target).
-Scotch tape. She LIVES to find one in the drawer when no one is looking.
-CRAYOLA brand watercolors
-Dress up clothes. Used is fine. She's got plenty of purses. So maybe scarves, skirts, gardening hat. Also, dress up jewelry - like old costume jewelry.

-Handbook of Nature Study (Amazon) (RCVD! Thanks, RC!)
-Family Yoga DVD (Amazon) (Doesn't have to be this one.)
-Organizer for kids' art table (Target)
-Pinking Shears (FISKARS or Mundial?)
-Coffee Travel Mug in blue (REI)
-See Amazon Wishlist

-See Amazon Wishlist

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Bb said...

can't seem to edit - those are not on my wish list, but just about any large Star Wars lego system would be good.