Friday, March 10, 2006

NW G-parents visit!

Hey folks-
I've been busy hanging out with my NW G-parents. They are fun. Just take a look see at all the fun stuff I got to do...

I went hiking with Mama, G-pa and Briggie. It was fun. Mama got tired, so I let her carry me up the hill.

Later, I got to wrassle this antelope! Don't worry, no antelopes were hurt in the filming of this event.

Here I am reading G-pa one of my favorite stories, Good Night Moon. I don't think he'd ever read it before. He was impressed at how I can turn the pages all by myself.

All in a day's work. Here I am testing out the new shelves we built in the laundry-room-with-the-sweet-new-retro-stripe. Unfortunately, Mama wouldn't let me stay up here for very long! I think I make a pretty good shelf tester though!

We took a very windy walk...and this is me with everyone (except Dada who was at work earning some bacon).

1 comment:

UBF said...

Sweet Antelope Batman! That kid is crazey cool!!!

I can't wait to see him... I'm gonna check flights right now.