Friday, March 17, 2006

Who is THAT chick? A recent scene.

Everybody is looking at me. I know they want me to show off my talents.

"EJ, where's your Dada?"

I point at Dada.

"EJ, where's Briggie?" (NW Grandma)

I point at Briggie.

"EJ, where's G-Pa?" (NW Grandpa)

I point at G-Pa.

"EJ, where's Liebe?" (Our doggie)

I point at Liebe.

"EJ, where's your Mama?"

I look around. Who in the WORLD are they talking about? I have no clue! There's Dada, there's Briggie, there's G-Pa, there's Liebe, and there's that one chick who changes my diaper, feeds me, plays with me all day, puts me down for naps, changes my diaper again, feeds me some more, reads me stories, hugs me and kisses me and gives me baths. But who in the world is this 'Mama' person they keep talking about?


Briggie said...

loved your writing

Anonymous said...

Ha, that's good... don't worry, some day he'll figure you out soon!