Monday, June 26, 2006

Action Shot

This picture gives you an idea of how fast I am now!

The green stuff in the background is called "grass". We don't have any of our own yet, but Dada says "Soon, Little Guy, you'll be playing in your own field of green." Daddy is hard at work on the sprinkler system for the drought tolerant grass Mom and Dad are ordering soon. But I don't think any kind of grass is going to use less water than our backyard-of-plain-dirt.

Our puppy told me she's excited about the grass, too! She's going to make Daddy a whole bunch of presents on it. I don't know what they are, but I bet they're going to make Daddy very, very happy.


Angel said...

Wow, EJ, you blog alot. Alot more than your mom. Tell her to get her blog on! :)

EJ said...

Buddy, you need to dribble with that ball, and I don't mean out your mouth (although you're good at that). Besides, you're daddy needs to show other more important types of balls. Looks like you need to have a larger diet of World Cup viewings.