Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bye-Bye Nuk-Nuk

Well, it's been 2 whole days. And I haven't had a Nuk-Nuk in 2 whole days! Mommy was worried about my teeth...since she heard how much braces cost these days. And Daddy put me to bed last night and couldn't find my Nuk-Nuk. But I didn't even notice because I was so tired.

Here's a picture of me with 'mud on my face, a big disgrace'. Mom & Dad have been letting me help with the landscaping. It's a lot of work to shovel dirt and eat mud, but I've been helping a lot! I helped Daddy fill in the trench for the sprinkler pipes. He hadn't put the pipes in yet, but I didn't think that would matter too much. Mommy sat me down by a hole that DID needed filled in after that. I worked on it a little bit, but then I practiced rock climbing on a pile of gravel. You can see why I was so tired.


uncle bruce said...

What a big helper. With two to work on a chore, it only takes twice as long.

littlebit said...

Very cool EJ, I've been Nuk-Nuk free for a month now, it's not so bad. I think mom wants to get rid of diapers and the crib next, wow so many changes.

Danidoodle said...

Being Nuk-Nuk free isn't so bad. I take a little longer to fall asleep, but I don't miss it too much. I've never even had it around much except for naps and bed time anyway.

I know - I think the diaper free times are coming down the pipeline, too. Mommy thinks it may be a myth that boys take longer to potty train. But what does she know? There's been a little kiddo potty in the bathroom for a long time now. I have to sit on it while Mommy is running my bath water. But I still just wait until I get in the tub. :)

A friend of Mommy's was really stressed out about getting her first baby out of his crib before the second one showed up. Then she realized that maybe it's okay to have two cribs, rather than be all stressed out. I think my Mommy is going to invest in one of those converter cribs that goes into a twin sized bed eventually (if she can find one on sale). I'll get that one and Baby Byers #2 will get my crib. She plans to contain any night time wanderings that way. But I still haven't figured out how to climb out of my crib yet. Have you?


littlebit said...

I wanna see pics!

amy heck said...

Just want to confirm--there's no baby byers #2 yet, is there???