Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm Two!

Ladies & Gentlemen, maybe you've heard the news: I'M TWO YEARS OLD NOW! Lookout, this show is gettin' more and more fun by the minute.

Saturday morning I awoke to something totally new. Streamers hanging in the bedroom doorway. Mom and Dad put them up while I was sleeping. They're so much fun to run through!

Saturday afternoon my whole family came over for the celebration - it was a blast. Mom made me a Pumpkin Pie (I ate the biggest piece ever of all time!). I got lots of presents including a Tennis Racket from Grandpa, a wooden tool set from the folks, and a Tiger Flashlight. I love to yell "Get it! Get it! and Bark! Bark!" and watch my Liebe Dog chase the light around the room - barking and jumping. Maybe Dad will post a video.

Here's some picts for your perusal. Ciao!

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