Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Can't WAIT to be Old Enuf

I can't WAIT to be old enough to play this! This is Mommy & Daddy's favorite game, Cities & Knights, and they like to sneak a game after I fall asleep. It's the age-old story: Have friends over...make Bubby sleepy with milky, rocking, and singing, and then go play without Bubby!

But they're in for a shock! I've been reading the directions...and I'm going to be GOOD after all my months of strategizing! They say I can't play until they're sure I'm not going to choke on the little pieces. HA! They're just SCARED of LOSING to a 7 month old!


Joe said...

I've been giving him hints too, like how to steal all of your knights just before the Barbarian hits...

amy heck said...

Just be sure to watch out for Uncle Gary when he comes to visit. He likes to come from behind. But you can take him.