Friday, September 09, 2005

My Cousins

I got to hang out with my cousins Mikki and Zander this week! On Wednesday, Mommy and I and my Grandma Briggie went with Auntie Martina to pick the kids up from their first day of school. When Zander came out of school he came right over to me and smiled! He asked Mommy if he could push me home in the stroller. I think he was really proud of me because he told everyone we passed, "This is my cousin! His name is EJ! He's 7 months old!" It made me feel proud to have such a great cousin.

Mikki and Zander got me some applesauce at the store. It was cool because they each had a spoon and were both feeding me at once so I got to eat twice as fast as when Mommy feeds me!

Zander's Hippy Rockstar Impersonation

What's so funny about this, is that when Zander wanted to dress up as a Hippy, he put on one of my G-pa's hats. Not someone else's but my G-pa's! Is G-Pa a hippy?

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Anonymous said...

Zander, an awesome dude...