Thursday, September 29, 2005


I've decided I don't like naps. First of all, I have to be all by myself, and I think I'm an extrovert. Second of all, they put me in a crib, and I really like to scootch around rather than being stuck in one little spot. Third of all, they put a crimp in my baby-style! I'm 8 months old for goodness' sake.

I think I'm driving Mommy a little batty. I admit it, I DO get tired. I rub my eyes. I pull my ears. I fuss. My eyelids droop. All the classic signs of being sleepy. But NAPS? NO WAY - that CAN NOT be the answer!

Any advice, other kiddos out there?


littlebit said...

Hey EJ,

Something that works for me when I want mom or dad to come in is to spit my pacifier out of the crib then they have to get me a new one.

Anonymous said...

Just tough it out little one. Naps are good for you. you are just going through a phase. You should take two 2 hour naps a day until you are at least 16 months old!

amy heck said...


You have no idea HOW good you have it. Don't you know that the vast majority of grown-ups long to be able to be stuck in a crib for a few hours in the middle of the day??? It's so much FUN. Really, it is. Believe me. Don't wait until college to find this out.