Friday, January 27, 2006

Birfday and Busy

Well, today is my Birfday. Mommy says not to worry because tomorrow we're having a celebrating-fun! I can't wait, because all my local cousins are coming. But, I still have to get through today.
A package came from Washington. Mommy said I wasn't allowed to open it until tomorrow, so I decided to work on my physique and get some pushups in.

It's my Birfday, but here's a gift for my kiddo fans out there. I call it, "Frow your Cwothes!" When you're done with your nap and you've had 'just about enuf' of your crib, start throwing things out onto the floor! Your blankie, your Nuk-Nuk, your sockies, and your clothes! I thought this trick up myself...and I'm convinced that it will keep Mommy from making me take a nap ever again!

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