Sunday, January 29, 2006

Birfday Celebrating-Fun Day!

Finally, the day has arrived!
I'm a big kid now, but I still enjoy a ride now and then.

Here I am in my First Sugar-Daze Ever! This cake was yummy, and I know it didn't have a ton of sugar because I saw Mommy putting applesauce in it, but still, after playing with all my cousins, and eating my Very Own Piece, you can tell, I'm feeling tired.

Let me in the box! I want the box! My box!

Here I am with the contents of my Washington Gift Box. I wasn't sure what to think at first, but now I think these critters are great. I really like the froggie.


Anonymous said...

you need share the little toys with your sister, Miss Liebe. She will keep them nice and dogclean for you. the toys are great for throwin and gum em, throw em, she fetches em.

amy heck said...

Wow, EJ! You're mom was having an awesome hair day for your birthday!!

Anonymous said...

I love the expression in his face looking at the little animal....
Wonder what he is thinking...

Cant wait to get my first hug

bazeblog said...

you're such a hip family... mom is SO stylish & i know the "plank" position when i see it... someone is teaching this kid pilates.