Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sailin' the High Seas

It's official! Now that I'm almost One Years Old, I have my own drawer in the kitchen. Mommy hopes this will keep me out of all the other cupboards, but I did notice she moved all the bottles of soapies and stuff out from under the sink. Still, I'm excited about my new drawer. It's got cool gadgets in it. But I turn everything into drums and or drumsticks and cool stuff like that. I use my imaginatum. No baking for me! This LOOKS like a wooden stirring fork, but it's really a spear! I'm huntin' me some whale!

Here I am in my whaling ship. {Mommy says it's okay to pretend to be Captain Ahab...but I don't think she really wants me to actually sail the high seas for a living.}

1 comment:

Uncle Joe said...

That drawer is about the size of my Hotel room in Japan!!!