Saturday, November 26, 2005

Turkey Day

There I was minding my own business taking a LONG nap and I woke up to find THESE PEOPLE eating a huge amount of food around my dining room table. I had wondered why Mommy was making it all fancy a few days ago. You can see what I had to go through today. I'm in the left hand bottom corner...the only normal one in the bunch!

Daddy says that I should be thankful for such a zany bunch of relatives. They keep life interesting, he says. I have to admit, it was pretty fun playing with my cousins and eating Mashed Up Baby Thanksgiving Food Medley which Mommy made me.

I'm thankful for clean cloth diapers, rice cereal, and my crazy parents.

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littlebit said...

Wow, E.J., those people sure do look, um, wacky! Thanks for singing Happy Birfday to me. And no, we didn't have cake. I don't know what cake is yet, but I think mommy and daddy do.