Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hiking is Sweeteous.

Me and Mommy and Furry Sister Liebe went hiking on Tuesday. Sweeteous. Hiking has perks. I get to RIDE. I get to drink out of Mommy's waterbottle. I get to yank on her ponytail! It's awesome. Plus, I get to be outside.

Hiking must be harder than it looks, though. Mommy was breathing kind of hard and I heard her muttering something like "stinkin' heavy" under her breath several times. Hmm. Maybe she meant me?


David said...


I think my dad thinks I'm a little heavy to carry around on his back, too. Also, I like short guys--my dad's not exactly tall, but he's cool.

Auntie said...

Hi -- the little guys do get tall, you just must train the Mommy and Daddy to keep the food coming. Just look at Uncle Joe, the cousin Matt ( the dancer Man )and his big brother Hank. However watch your hair..... look around. Maybe Liebe and Charlie can be watch dogs of the hair.

dad said...

after all these years, the
"little blonde haired hiking girl"
recieves her due. and she got heavy too.

the dad

amy heck said...

Emery (since that seems to be what mommy is calling you lately and really, I like your name),

You are really brave to go hiking with JUST mommy and Liebe. What a lot to do to keep both of them on the trail.