Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Other Side

I figured since I'd shown you a crazy shot of one side of my family (Dad's Side), I might as well 'confess all' and show you the other side (Mom's Side) as well! Here is the other side of my family... Looking at these two pictures... I realize that the common denominator is my Parental Unit. Hmm...teensy bit SCARY!


Anonymous said...

Tis not a good thing to have TWO sets of zany grandparents, now is it? This bodes ill for when you get to college, especially if you use words like "yup" and "nuff" and eat cereal at night.

EJ said...

I have to say that Anita, being a Social Worker, has an obligation to report questionable parent behavior to CPS. Her eyes just narrowed a little bit ... :) On the other hand, he can just work it out with his psycologist when he grows up.